Batch washer TBS

The key factors to your business:
The versatility and adaptability of the GIRBAu batch washer allows you to obtain the desired profitability and results, since it adapts to your laundry’s present and future requirements.
Lower consumption: It incorporates an integrated water re-circulation and recycling system that makes it possible to use the water up to three times. In addition to reducing water consumption, it also reduces energy consumption.
Less clogging: Transferring the load through a large central opening by rotating the drum prevents any risk of blockage. This eliminates incidents and down time.
Longer lasting fabrics: Transferring through a central aperture prevents the linen from tangling, ensuring a gentle treatment even when an intensive washing process is applied. 
Greater management control: The Batch Washer Managing Tool (BMT) software makes it possible to control all the elements that make up the washing system (load, batch washer, extraction press and dryers) integrally.
Greater reliability: The batch washer has Girbau Remote Support factory installed. This system allows the Girbau technical service to diagnose incidents in any of the batch washer’s components remotely.
Less maintenance:  automatic greasing.


The batch washer that proves that simplicity can be effectiveness. It has all the basic features, offering very good performance, high yields and minimum maintenance.


Can perform intensive washing processes for linen with a high level of soiling or that requires disinfection. It is especially suitable for the health sector


The batch washer that allows absolute flexibility and versatility in the design of the bath diagram.